The most laughable president ever!

Donald Trump, the most discussed president ever elected in the United States of America.
This loose cannon has insulted the German Chancellor Merkel.
He adds one blunder to another!
Should the world peace depend on someone like Trump? Putin and Erdogan are idiots, but Trump comes pretty close!

Building a wall against unwanted illegal immigrants from Mexico, without any money? Trump built his office buildings with these people! He also built them with the cheap Chinese steel, which he opposes. And Trumps mother herself is an illegal immigrant! Trumps grandparents were immigrants kicked out of Germany.

“We make America great again”, was Trumps slogan.
But what exactly is America? A swept together pile of soil from just four hundred years ago, and they called themselves the United States. A conglomeration of European losers and treasure hunters that we were rather be rid of.
First they killed the original population, the real natives, then this hotchpotch of Irish, Scottish, British, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and French began to breed offspring, Americans.

They think themselves better than the rest of the world and find themselves the most powerful country in the world. Trump can say “we make America great again”, but that has never been or will be. It’s more a fable!
The entire US economy is pretty much in the arms industry. No wonder the Americans interfere in world conflicts. That makes pennies!
It looks like this moron Trump wants to start a war with Europe when he puts at the introductory contact a bill of  345 billion USD in the hands of Merkel with the message that she has to pay for the contribution for NAVO. Has he gone mad?
Merkel refused.
He offers to build a missile shield in South Korea against a possible attack by North Korea. While construction is in progress, he says to the South Koreans that they have to pay 1 billion.  The agreements were already made during Obama, but there was no eventual bill. Trump did it and now the South Koreans are angry.

His holy stupidity has to scratch money from everywhere because the US is on the verge of bankruptcy, the national debt is astronomical.
The son in law of Trump, Jared Kushner, is made Office of American Innovation and he wants to reform the government to business, hilarious!
You can put up a big mouth and get elected with help of the Russians, you can promise the people a cow with golden horns but you end up getting the bill for your idiotic ideas and promises.

The paranoia baboon Trump must realize that a united Europe has significantly more money than the entire US, when needed!

Some things related to the US have to change. We should do less business with the US. TTIP should expire. We have to throw out the JSF project! European companies may no longer be taken over by American companies. These companies often have no future after acquisition.
Often the capital is diverted from the company and the staff ends up on the street!
The US wants us to believe that ‘Made in US’ guarantees the best quality. That’s a joke and it’s only meant to grow the US citizens some confidence. European products are of much better quality.

We must not forget that the cause of the crisis that raged from 2006 to 2015 is largely due to the US. It is not advisable to trust these financial wizards and it is necessary to unravel the mutual relationships!
Seriously, do you really think we want to be dependent on the Americans because they have freed Europe in WWII? If it had been for Roosevelt, he had simply ignored Churchill’s plea of prayer. Roosevelt told Churchill that it was not his war.
The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 was a breakthrough and gave the start signal. Otherwise Europe had never been helped by the Americans against the Nazi’s.

I suspect that the normal and realistic thinking US citizen sees that Trump is a problem for world peace and for the environment. The man is a clown, a narcissist and a pathetic liar.

Every day more lies are revealed: about the FBI and it´s director, about the relations with the Russians and leaking information to them, which can endanger Europe. Lies, lies, and more lies! And cover up operations to avoid future issues, such as the relationship with the Russians.

If he cannot win, Trump likes to play the victim role.

Do American people still believe what this man says? How dumb do you wanna have them? He even sends his daughter Ivanka to Europe to defend him at an event in Berlin.

Trump survived the first 100 days as president, but will he reach 200 days? The investigations probably will disclose the mess with the Russians and Trump will have to step down. At least if there are still people with brains among US politicians.
It’s time for impeachement for the big mouth, the fat asshole and with the small dick!